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Liaison interpreting services covering all European & rare world languages. Bilateral Interpretation Services for business deals, conferences and more.


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Liaison Interpretation, also known as Bilateral Interpretation, is a style of interpreting that’s great for small business meetings and for bringing clarity to informal discussions. It’s the best form of interpretation to use when lots of different people need to get points across, but the subject matter discussed is not highly technical. 

Unlike Consecutive Interpretation, where an interpreter will pore over every two to three sentences of dialogue before providing a translation, Liaison Interpretations are more informal, with the interpreter providing quick translations, to help you discuss many different aspects of a subject, or even subjects during a single sitting. 

Liaison interpreters are a great way to get an international business transaction moving, and perfect for the types of meetings where there are lots of things to discuss, but the format is not highly structured.


We believe that language should never get in the way of a good deal. That’s why we offer some of the best Liaison Interpreters in London and the United Kingdom, helping businesses like yours get to bottom of a deal with international clients and partners. 

Our Liaison Interpreters are more than just language experts, they’re business experts too. They’re flexible, highly experienced in meeting senior stakeholders, completely professional, and totally confidential. Specialsied in their own chosen industry fields, we offer interpreting solutions for the automotive sector, the aerospace industry, and even pharmaceuticals. At Linguist Point we have a whole rosta of language experts ready to help you become even more successful in your business, through better communication. 

Head over to take a look at an overview of the languages we provide Liaison Interpretation services in, or if you work in an industry where accuracy and expertise is key, take a look at the specialist sector services we offer.


Liaison Interpretations are perfect for initial business meetings, with up to five main attendees. They’re a great way to find common ground when exploring potential business opportunities, agreeing a plan for a conference, or when you need to give clients or partners an update on how your business is progressing.  

However, if you’re looking for an interpreter for a conference with a lot of attendees we recommend that you consider a Simultaneous Interpreter instead, or if you’re looking for a translator for highly technical meetings, for instance reviewing contracts with your lawyers, we recommend that you consider using our Consecutive Interpretation Services


At Linguist Point, we pride ourselves in working with some of London’s best Liaison Interpreters. 

Our team of specialists deliver accurate, professional Liaison Interpretations, at industry leading prices.  

Every one of our interpreters is an industry and language expert, so they’re able to communicate your points perfectly, and help you understand every point made, with every interpretation.  

As an established language agency, it’s recognised that we’re safe, we’re certified and we’re always out to satisfy.  

That’s exactly why customers keep coming back. Because at Linguist Point, you can be confident that we’ll deliver professional Liaison Interpretations, every time. 

Helping you communicate exactly what makes your business special, whatever the occasion

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